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Monday, February 2, 2009

Vote for Catholic Conservative American!

Happy Monday! You may have noticed the two new buttons to the right ----->

I wanted to let you know that this blog, Catholic Conservative American is now nominated for the 2009 Blogger's Choice Award for both Best Religion Blog and Best Political Blog! Yes, I nominated myself, but only after hearing from a few readers that they really liked the blog and there should be more like this. I completely agree!

We always hear how the two things you should never discuss in public are Politics and Religion. Well, I've never been called "PC" before so why start now? Here comes the Catholic Conservative American where we talk about both Politics AND Religion. I say it's that very attitude of "political correctness" that has kept the important issues of the day out of our conversations and "out of sight-out of mind", so to speak. I, for one, believe that attitude is responsible for many of the problems we have in America today. How can you develop and mature an opinion on the important issues of the day when all you worry about is offending someone? We should all be able to hear opposing viewpoints, intelligently and respectfully discuss them and defend our opinions and beliefs amongst others who may or may not hold those beliefs. Speak the truth with Love. If they still don't listen the problem is not yours, but theirs.

I say we as Americans NEED to talk about Religion and Politics more than ever and I for one will not be silent any longer! If you like my blog and think it worthy, please click on the button on the right or the links below and cast your vote!

Best Religion Blog:
Best Political Blog:

Have a great week and God Bless!

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