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Friday, February 27, 2009

Catholics and Misgivings

I wanted to add a few points to my article MISGIVINGS about that passage by Oswald Chambers. I discovered a web article that further discusses Mr. Chambers' book and beliefs from a Catholic perspective from someone that has read the book:

Catholics and Oswald Chambers

He closes with "In sum, in my view, an intelligent and educated Catholic firmly established in his faith can find much of spiritual worth in Chambers' devotional classic." (emphasis added)

Based on that single passage I read and from what I read in the blog, I must wholeheartedly agree. It is too easy to be tempted away from our doctrine of faith with nice sentiments no matter how well intended and it happens all the time.

It is likely a good book as long as the strength and faith of the Catholic reader is strong enough that it will not dilute his or her faith. I'm sure there are some wonderful thoughts that will help many people more deeply understand their faith. As Christians we should all read deeper into what is being said and why. As Catholics we must also realize that it is just one man's fallible opinion and does not come from any spiritual authority. Take it for what it's worth.

I know it's commonly said not to judge a book by its cover. I'll add or by a single page, nor a man by a single day in his life. But is that correct or just a nice colloquialism?

If you are living as Christ commanded, shouldn't you be accountable to Him for every single day? How about every single moment? Though we may have a bad day, if we begin with prayer, pray always throughout trying in earnest to walk the straight and narrow path with Christ as He taught us and end our day with prayer asking for forgiveness for our sins, will not that single day be judged as good and we along with it? Are we the measure of what we produce in a single day? Perhaps a week? Maybe a month, year or even a whole lifetime? Or how about a single second?

Remember, the last shall be first! We are not judged by the "average" of our good or of our sins. We don't think as God does and since He exists outside of time and every moment of good lasts forever to Him. As does every moment of sin.

In every single moment of existence from the beginning to the end of time Christ is born, Christ is baptized, Christ is tempted by Satan, Christ is calming the storm, Christ is healing the sick, Christ is forgiving sin, Christ is teaching us, Christ is transfigured, Christ is restoring sight, Christ is raising the dead, Christ is offering us His body and blood, Christ is agonized in teh garden, Christ is betrayed, Christ is arrested, Christ is tried, Christ is scourged, Christ is suffering, Christ is crowned with thorns, Christ is mocked, Christ carries His cross, Christ is crucified, Christ forgives his enemies, Christ dies on the cross, Christ is buried, Christ is Risen!, Christ appears to his apostles, Christ is ascended into Heaven with our Father! Christ is Alive! VIVAT JESUS!

It is our moral imperative to strive to good always. Not just the majority of our lives, not just best out of seven tries, but always. We fail and fall and are sinners but Christ is there to pick us up and forgive us.

May God Bless Each of You,

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