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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Anti-Catholic Video Funded with Tax Dollars!

As reported today by the Catholic League, a video offensive to Catholics that mocks the Eucharist and the Catholic faith was produced by ITVS, an organization funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Public TV and your tax dollars.

From the Catholic League:

"The video, “Divine Food,” opens with a priest waking up to a rumbling noise that shakes the religious symbols and statues in his room. He proceeds to a Catholic church where he discovers several wafers near a cup (the implication is that they are consecrated Hosts). In a disrespectful manner, he chews them vigorously and then admonishes the statues that are “looking at him.” He falls asleep in the church and when awakened he is asked to say Mass, which he refuses to do. The priest then makes large wafers out of dough and gives the pancake-like substance (which he calls the “Body of Christ”) to confused parishioners at Communion. The video ends when he drops the remaining “Hosts” into a dirty aquarium."

Here's their full article:

The disrespectful video is being aired on both Link TV at and iThentic at I encourage you to visit the following comment pages and ask them to remove this offensive video immediately. You can also send e-mail directly to ITVS at

iThentic Comment page:

Link TV Comment page:

Here's what I wrote. Feel free to use it:

I’m writing to express my disgust at the video “Divine Food” that Link TV has posted at, iThentic has posted at

As a Catholic and a Christian, I am offended by this depiction of the desecration of the Holy Eucharist and of the Priesthood.

I find no humor in this mockery of my faith video and it speaks not to the intelligence or wit of its creators or distributors, but to the more baser emotions of fear and ignorance of that which is not understand - the Holy Catholic Church.

No matter what you believe, it is wrong to mock God. Even if you don't believe, as Mark Twain said "True irreverence is disrespect for another man's God". It becomes all too easy to destroy through hatred and mockery, rather than create and build up through Love as Christ taught us. As such, these little jabs don't hurt the Catholic Church as she will stand against the very gates of hell. What is then, the point of this video? Only to mock and jeer at our faith and Church, much as Christ Himself was mocked and jeered.

How is mocking someone’s beliefs any different than mocking their skin color? Or perhaps their gender? I will not accept that one is more acceptable than the other. All are equally wrong.

My faith is very strong so videos such as this only strengthen my belief and resolve. If the whole world turned against me for being Catholic, I would gratefully accept the persecution with grace and still never change my beliefs. However it is still offensive and insulting to 64.2 million Catholic Americans (22%) and 1.1 billion Catholics worldwide.

Please take down this video. I await your response.


Mr. Robert Cavalcante Jr.

Thanks and God Bless,


I just found the movie on YouTube -

Also, the movie's creator/director, Marcela Said (Chile), has a Facebook page. I'm sure she would love to hear your opinion!

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Bob Cavalcante Jr. said...

UPDATE! The movie's creator/director is Marcela Said (Chile) and she has a Facebook page. I'm sure she would love to hear your opinion!

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