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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pope Pwns Pelosi

Well, it's high time that Ms. Pelosi received the highest form of catechesis when His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI reminded her of the church's consistent teachings that life begins at conception.

Catholic News Service Story

Catholic News Agency Story

Fox News Story

Ms. Pelosi needs to realize that she alone shattered her union with the Catholic church (excommunicated herself) when she became pro-choice against the teachings of the church. I wonder if communion was requested or offered, received and or denied?

Regarding her subsequent press release, I believe it's what she didn't say that speaks volumes. We'll see if the humility sticks and time will tell if her bishop must withhold communion until she repents and publicly recants.

God Bless,


The Pondering Catholic said...

I was THRILLED to see she did not get her photo op!!! Viva La Papa!!!

Bob Cavalcante Jr. said...

As was I and I haven't heard anything about her receiving Holy Communion. I'm sure if she did, she would have pics posted all over the place. Perhaps that speaks for itself.

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