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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Government Planned Seizure of 401K's and IRA's

Did you know that there are plans for the government to sieze your 401K and IRA accounts?  Don't be fooled into believing them that this is a new measure or a result of the "stimulus", but these plans have beeen in the works for YEARS now.  In fact, long before Obama's Marxist dreams came to power.  In December 2008, nearly two years ago I blogged about this very thing.

Here's a recent article concerning the Marxists continuing plans to sieze what is yours because you're too stupid to manage your own money:


Do you know the name Teresa Ghilarducci? You should. She is the one who is behind this whole movement and I blogged a tiny little piece last year on this very topic and it bothered her enough that she commented on my unknown blog under an alias.

Google Teresa Ghilarducci for more info and to do your own research.  You'll be surprised at what you find.

Here's my original blog posting on this subject from 2008:

And here's my reply to her:

Remember who is responsible for all of this and hold her accountable!
God's Blessings,
"Goverment Ready to "STEAL" your retirement account? Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), having hearing already" - Article from Tea Party Patriots

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Immortal Work of God

I would humbly implore everyone to take the time to please read the whole of "Immortale Dei" this incredible encyclical by Pope Leo XIII written on 01 November 1885.  It's strangely applicable today as it was back then.  Almost scary, in fact.  Here's an incredible excerpt.

God's Blessings,

Immortale Dei

"As a consequence, the State, constituted as it is, is clearly bound to act up to the manifold and weighty duties linking it to God, by the public profession of religion. Nature and reason, which command every individual devoutly to worship God in holiness, because we belong to Him and must return to Him, since from Him we came, bind also the civil community by a like law. For, men living together in society are under the power of God no less than individuals are, and society, no less than individuals, owes gratitude to God who gave it being and maintains it and whose ever-bounteous goodness enriches it with countless blessings. Since, then, no one is allowed to be remiss in the service due to God, and since the chief duty of all men is to cling to religion in both its reaching and practice-not such religion as they may have a preference for, but the religion which God enjoins, and which certain and most clear marks show to be the only one true religion -it is a public crime to act as though there were no God. So, too, is it a sin for the State not to have care for religion as a something beyond its scope, or as of no practical benefit; or out of many forms of religion to adopt that one which chimes in with the fancy; for we are bound absolutely to worship God in that way which He has shown to be His will. All who rule, therefore, would hold in honour the holy name of God, and one of their chief duties must be to favour religion, to protect it, to shield it under the credit and sanction of the laws, and neither to organize nor enact any measure that may compromise its safety. This is the bounden duty of rulers to the people over whom they rule."

Pope Leo XIII

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