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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Botched Florida Abortion May Be Murder

Abortion is murder. Plain and simple. This botched abortion resulted in the live birth of a baby that was bagged, treated like garbage and murdered. Murdered by the owner of the clinic. Murdered by the "Doctor" that was late. Murdered by the mother who refused to deal with the consequences of her poor decisions and failed lifestyle. Murdered by those who support and condone abortions. And yes, even murdered by every American taxpayer that funds these atrocities and hasn't stood up for what is right in defense of the innocent.

Fox News has the Complete Story Here reports the Dr. may lose his license and murder charges may be filed HERE
''This has to be a homicide, an unlawful killing. It could be manslaughter, but we believe it falls in that realm,'' Police Chief Overton said.

I actually feel physically ill after reading this. My heart is sickened and I wish it were an isolated incident, but it's not. Except for a few details and the obvious screw-ups, this isn't that far from what actually happens in every abortion.

WARNING: The following links will show you graphic abortion photos. Please prepare yourself and may God have mercy on these poor babies.

To see a graphic picture of an aborted 24 week old unborn baby, click HERE.

To see graphic pictures of abortions at various weeks, click HERE.

No human being with a heart can look at those photos and say that is anything but a human baby. So what if it isn't fully developed? It is still a life, not a "fetus". What kind of a people have we become where we murder our offspring before they're developed out of some twisted sense of entitlement? Maintaining one's irresponsible lifestyle is no reason to murder and the consequences should be carefully considered LONG BEFORE getting into any situation where you could get pregnant.

I am so sickened and ashamed to live in a country that allows abortions and where things like this are bound to happen. If you agree with abortion or "choice", may your chains sit lightly upon you and history forget that you were our countryman.

Though we don't deserve it, may God have mercy on America.


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