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Sunday, February 1, 2009

NBC's Anti-Catholic leanings?

Well folks, since my Giants weren't in the Super Bowl this year, my heart really wasn't in it. When that's the case I'll usually root for the team from our NFC East Division or the NFC so I was hoping for a Cardinal win.

I don't care for NBC's left leaning liberal bias and manipulation of the truth and avoid watching the network unless there is no choice, but I was excited to learn that they had agreed to air's very tasteful and professional pro-life commercial during the Super Bowl. Had they turned over a new leaf? I figured I'd watch the game, root for my Division and catch the commercial.

Everything was set, NBC had approved the commercial and the word was out amongst the Catholic news services, but it was short lived. NBC decided to pull the plug on the commercial claiming they were not interested in ads involving "political candidates or issues". You're kidding right? What nonsense and garbage and hypocrisy! They should have just been honest and said that they only allow commercials that further line their pockets or the pockets of their masters with cash or further their dysfunctional social agenda.

That flip-flop alone had earned a letter from me expressing my disgust. I half-heartedly sat down with my wife to watch the game to root for the Cardinals and all was going well until about 10 minutes into the game. I think it was at the second commercial break when I saw a commercial for the new movie sequel to The DaVinci Code: Angels and Demons.

WHAT? You've got to be kidding me?! So you're telling me that NBC pulled the plug on a Pro-Life commercial (and obviously very Pro-Catholic as they are synonymous), but then allowed a commercial to advertise a movie that is not only very anti-Catholic, but whose first movie and author were vehemently opposed by the Pope and the Catholic Church?

I will be sending a letter to NBC and the NFL letting them know why I didn't watch the game
and to every advertiser that paid for a commercial in the Super Bowl explaining why I never saw their commercial and that as a consumer I am not interested in products sold by anyone that supports such blatant hatred for my faith.

I'll follow up with names and addresses as soon as I get them and I highly encourage every other Catholic or anyone that just thinks this behavior is wrong, to do the same.

God Bless and Keep the Faith!


Bob Cavalcante Jr. said...

Quick follow-Up that I failed to include in last night's posting.

EWTN the Eternal Word Television Network ( picked up the commercial that NBC dropped. You can read about it here:

God Bless!

Mr Bob said...

perhaps they just have me trained but I don't expect a non-Christian entity to be friendly towards the truth. I am surprised when they are, but you'd think they would take the $$, when over half (in my opinion probably more) of the citizens of this country are pro-life.

Bob Cavalcante Jr. said...

Mr. Bob, very true and a sad commentary indeed when even the truth about life itself has been secularized by "popular" American idealism. The irony is that the truth is neither secular nor religious nor exclusively Christian. It is what it is; and only in weakness and ignorance do we too often fail to recognize it.

Interestingly enough when the ad was run during the inauguration on BET it was received with overwhelming approval.

Since their god is money, perhaps we should vote with our wallets and just not support their advertisers.

God Bless!

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