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Friday, February 13, 2009

A Revolutionary Vent

I need to vent. That or vomit.

Many of us have been saying an American civil war is brewing. Government and politicians have lost their collective minds in attempts to tax and legislate Americans into submission and hell bent on the destruction of America. States sovereignty has frequently been called into question a number of times with the Fed holding funding over their heads and they're just plain sick of it. The states have had enough and there is no such thing as an irrevocable compact or a contract that cannot be broken.

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While visiting family in Brasil last year I was talking politics with my father-in-law and mentioned that many in America feel the "Second American Revolution" was coming and long overdue. He corrected me and said no, it was the THIRD. When I asked what he meant, he said the "War for Seccession" (aka Civil War) was already the Second American Revolution and it failed. Wow. I never thought of it that way, but that's how many people from other nations see it.

Why was it called the "Civil War"? There is nothing "civil" about war, if done properly.

Now I love history probably more than most but I'm no Civil War or history major at all. But anyone that has had a history class outside of public education knows the War for Seccession wasn't about slavery, or whether states would join as free or slave states. That was just the spin. It was about States' Rights pure and simple.

The real failure of the South during the Civil War was logistics beyond their control. The secessionist southern states, being geographically separate from the Union, made it very much North versus South. While that in and of itself made it easier to know who was friend or foe, it was ultimately the demise of the South. Being less industrial and largely agrarian, the South just didn't have the manufacturing and industrial might to create the necessary goods of war nor the infrastructure of railways and roadways to distribute supplies and food to its army and people.

Were a civil war, or another war for secession to come today, there wouldn't be any "Mason-Dixon Line" to clearly define who was who. I feel this time it will be among political party lines Democrat vs Republican and/or Liberals vs Conservatives and perhaps even state versus state. This would truly be a war of brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor and it would be nation-wide and would tear what's left of America apart.

Then again, perhaps that's what planned by those who despise America and our freedoms and would see us fall. Those who have been against our individual liberties from the start. Those who would disarm us, silence us and tax us into submission. America, as designed is a noble and grand nation but we are so far from that today we would be unrecognizable to our Founding Fathers. I'm not talking about little fish like islamists, Al-Qaeda, or the Taliban. But of the unseen hands moving the pieces around. People like George Soros and the much larger and slower moving sharia movement that has spread like a disease across Europe.

Today it's always about the money. Taxes, fees, interest, penalties, litigation, etc. We've ceased to be a nation of individual rights and have become a nation of collective wrongs. No longer a rewards based system of success but a penalty based system of failure. What kind of government, be it city, county, state or federal, relies on income from failure? Far too many laws are created with the sole intent of revenue generation. People are seen only as "taxpayers" and sources of income to the government, not as individuals with God given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Case in point: Unemployment means no tax revenue to the fed. Jobs = taxes.

The corruption and failure of America by the banking industry began with the creation of the Federal Reserve and has continued to this day. Thanks to Soros-Puppet Obama and his ilk, in order to pay the bankers for their failure, the nation will plunge itself deeper into debt. But, I warn, it's not at the expense of the taxpayer, but at the expense of America herself, financially picking the corpse clean before she is even dead.

Now, do you think this is new or news? Not one bit. The liberal main stream media networks and Hollywood has successfully programmed people into believing what they tell you is newsworthy while losing the ability for critical thinking. Think it through! Unfortunately if you follow anything to the money, you usually find the real reason for why anything happens in America. Do you think the Fed is aware of this? Acutely. In fact, I'd bet they're counting on it. If things continue on this path, what are the possible outcomes? Think it through, people! Examine ALL possible outcomes based on likeliness of success and choose the best course.

While the Catholic side of me knows that my kingdom is not of this earth and there is nothing they can ever do to hurt me more than Christ's suffering, there is the human side that knows I should always strive to do the right thing, to speak the truth no matter what.

For the time being this is my earthly home and the home of my children. While I don't expect or want it to be heaven, I certainly won't allow it to be turned into hell.

God Bless you all and God have mercy on America,
Bob Cavalcante


Digital Publius said...

This is very, very good! Have you read Ralph Epperson?

Bob Cavalcante Jr. said...

Thanks, DP. Never have, I'll look him up.

Eric Engel said...

I'm not financial wizard, as my flagged checking account will clearly show...

But really, what does the national debt really matter? I mean is someone going to foreclose on Florida, or repossess any of our assets?

Oh well, I guess I should leave this type of thinking to better suited minds. But it was an interesting read.

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