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Friday, November 28, 2008

Satanic Stocking Stuffers

(sarcasm mode on)
Well the Christmas shopping season is officially in full swing and every one of us has that one person that is so hard to buy for. If that person on your list this year just happens to be pregnant and not wanting the baby, Planned Parenthood of Indiana has just the thing for you - a gift certificate for an ABORTION!

This Christmas, instead of celebrating the birth of Christ the Messiah and His bringing of light into the world, give a gift that hearkens back to the very first Christmas! In the spirit of King Herod the Great when he ordered the Massacre of the Innocents, the First Martyrs, to prevent the coming of the Messiah, now you too can order the vicious and selfish murder of innocent unborn babies right from the comfort of your own home! Maybe even in your own WOMB!

That's, thanks to technology and the extreme liberal and selfish legislation and lifestyles of modern America and even the world, unlike Herod the Great who had to deal with the political ramifications and social outcry (and the mess), now you can experience the same murderous evil and there's no need to wait until after they're born!!

I wish that was just me being a typical smart-ass, but it's actually not. This disgusts me on so many levels. Reporter Leslie Olsen from WISH TV8 has this story: (CLICK HERE)


That's right. Under the guise of being used for "other things", Planned Parenthood of Indiana is offering Gift Certificates that can be used for all the services the offer. (Oh yeah, well abortions too...shhhh!).

Just like that "Inflate-A-Mate" blow up doll can be used for a lot of other things too, right? In the words of Bill Cosby...RIIIIIIIGGGHHHHT.

I pray that each of you will immediately contact Planned Parenthood (Contact Page Here) and let them know how despicable this is. Please remember that material aid of intrinsic evil is a sin!

Planned Parenthood of Indiana
Administrative offices

(317) 637-4343
Fax (317) 637-4344
200 South Meridian Street
Post Office Box 397
Indianapolis, Indiana 46206

Planned Parenthood of Indiana
Education and Training

(317) 637-4340
Fax (317) 637-4337
200 South Meridian Street
Post Office Box 397
Indianapolis, Indiana 46206

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Indiana
Planned Parenthood Advocates PAC

(317) 637-4362
Fax (317) 637-4363
200 South Meridian Street
Post Office Box 397
Indianapolis, Indiana 46206

May God Bless Each of You

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Wake Up Conservatives said...


This is so disgusting it makes me want to cry and fight! The world has gone mad. "Satanic Stocking Stuffers" is putting it nicely! This is pure vile and I will be contacting the baby killers in the morning and will respectfully express my disgust!

Could you imagine if the campaign were for passing out abstinence rings the MSM would be outraged!


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