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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Post Election Shame

First written on November 5th, 2008 @ 0015

I am now officially ashamed of America. Not all of you mind you, but clearly 53% of you who voted for Obama and Against America. I spent my youth and young adulthood in the United States Navy confronting the Soviet threat in the 1980's hoping to deter nuclear destruction only so we could be defeated from within and by ourselves. I missed the births of my daughters, missed countless birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, funerals, family time watching my daughters grow up and it even cost me my marriage. "Sorry, sweetie, daddy has to go away so the bad guys won't come over here and hurt you." What a croc. Now I have to look them in the eye and apologize for that lie because I failed to see the enemy within.

But I felt that as long as America remained free, it was all worth it. Every moment away from home was worth it. I and many of my fellow patriots would have readily fought and died for a man of integrity, a real American Patriot who happened to be our President. Someone like Ronald Reagan. But today all that sacrifice was cast aside by people who voted merely on race, on charisma and on empty promises of change. What's wrong with tradition? What's wrong with stability and values? Where were all these voters in 2004? Sitting lazily and idly by doing nothing but complaining about their plight.

Today my nation died along with the dream that once was America AS DESIGNED BY OUR FOUNDERS, which is still the most genius design ever created until we mucked it up. Oh yes, history was made tonight to be certain. America has taken her first steps into Socialism and henceforth gets what it deserves. Try reading "The Federalist Papers" and then perhaps, we can have an intelligent discussion on the design of America.

There is a whole lot more to being an American that a birth certificate and voter registration card and your responsibilities as Americans do not begin and end at the voting booth. It takes a lifetime of hard work, dedication and loyalty to our Constitution. It means being active in your government. It means calling out your elected when the fail to keep their promises, or stray from the path. It means praising them when they succeed. It means hard, dedicated and continuous work. It is certainly the most satisfying work any citizen in the world can ever imagine. But then again, today's Americans are afraid of hard work unless something's in it for them. Believe me, neither Obama or McCain are the cure for what is wrong with America. That can only be cured by each and every one of you making intelligent, careful and responsible decisions based on the facts, not on what the media would have you believe. Or what anyone else would have you believe.

This whole election was nothing more than mass hysteria. Just 4 years ago he said he wasn't qualified to be President because he lacked the experience and amazingly and quite magically got all that experience with just 147 days in the Senate! It's a MIRACLE!!

Remember that nasty and boring history class that so many insisted on skipping or not paying attention in? Here's a gem for you: How about his plans to create a para-military civilian force greater than our own military!

First, he has no lawful authority to do so, even as President. Second, it's already been done badk in the 1930's. Hitler created his Brownshirts for the exact same reasons in the 1930's who were later adopted into the SS.

HINT: We American gun owners are already 80 million strong (that we know of wink-wink). FAR greater than anything that could be devised even combined WITH the military and stronger than any military on earth, even our own. It was kinda planned that way so the people would always wield more power than the government, be it by word or by sword. Remember that silly little "behind every blade of grass" thingie? No? Back to history class for you!

So by all and celebrate, America! Sing the praises of your new "messiah" right along with Ahmadinejad, Khadafi, Castro, Chavez, and all anti-American, pro-communist and pro-terrorist forces of the world, without any visible exception, who are all quite publicly celebrating with you tonight.

Let's see how you feel in four years. I'll wait.

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