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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Conservative vs Liberal Beliefs

I just came across this side-by-side comparison of Conservative vs Liberal beliefs from Student News Daily:

I agree with all but one, the current Death Penalty. I think as conservatives, we should really reexamine our position on this issue and that is not in any way to give in to the liberals, but for a much greater and higher purpose that actually better exemplifies the conservative values we hold dear. Read on before you judge too fast.

As a Catholic and a conservative I believe that life is sacred from "womb to tomb" and I do not believe in delegating execution through the state. That is not in any way to say that we should lie defenseless like lambs to the slaughter. In our own defense, we have both a legal right to defend ourselves under the laws of man, and a moral responsibility under the laws of the Catholic Church (canons 2263-65) to defend innocent life and if necessary not to hesitate to deal a lethal blow to the evil that would threaten to take innocent God given life.

Put simply, learn the laws and train properly in the proper and safe handling of a firearm and carry one for defense. Why? Because the criminals do! If a criminal threatens your life with deadly force of any kind, knife or gun, it is YOUR decision to either give in to their demands dealing with the consequences; or to defend yourself against the evil that would threaten to take away the life that God has given you and using your firearm in your defense to stop the crime, lethally only if necessary. Understand that even if they hold a gun to your head and only want the $20 that is in your wallet, it's not about the $20, it's about a very real threat to your God given life and nobody has the right to do that. Not for $20, not for $20 million. Not ever.

In the same way that we cannot delegate our responsibility to be charitable by lazily giving more taxes to the government for "welfare", or to agencies that are charitable on our behalf , we also cannot delegate the responsibility to the state for our safety or to execute in our name. You want to be charitable? It must come from one human heart to another human heart, period. You want a criminal that threatens lives with deadly force to pay with their life? Carry a gun and be prepared for the consequences in every way; legally, socially, morally, emotionally and psychologically.

What's the difference between a beggar and a burglar? A burglar doesn't ask, they demand and they take, threatening you with grievous bodily harm or with the taking of your life if you don't comply. In the burglar's threat and actions lie true evil, greed and malice. If they walk away, it is with what was once yours and with a boldness that they can do as they please to whom they want and when they want. People exist as mere "targets of opportunity" to them. Giving in to evil when you have the means to resist is supporting that evil. Evil is in the face of the burglar, and fear is in the face of the victim, both faces of the devil.

A beggar is humble and through his humility he merely asks so that he may receive. Knocking, he hopes the door to charity may be opened. In the beggars asking, he also gives you the opportunity to be charitable, to be giving and to share the fruits of your life in some way with one less fortunate. This "least of our brothers" gives you the opportunity to see the face of Christ in him and in doing so, hopes to find the face of Christ in you.

Personally when I go out, I carry both cash for the beggar, praying I get to use it; and a gun for the burglar, praying that I don't. Kinda just makes sense.

May you never see the face of the devil and only find the face of Christ in others.

God Bless You All,

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