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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christian Infidels in Iraq Will Have Throats Slit...

Al Qaeda-linked group orders Iraqi Christians to leave country or have throats slit (link)

The letter reads:

“The Secretary General of the members of the Islamic Brigade decided to give the Christian crusader infidels of Baghdad and the other provinces the last warning, to leave Iraq immediately and permanently and join Benedict XVI and his followers, who have trampled on the greatest symbols of humanity and Islam.”

“There’ll be no room in Iraq for the Christian infidels from now on,” the letter continues, threatening that those who remain will have their throats slit as “it is happening to the Christians of Mosul.” This is more than likely a reference to a recent attack on two sisters who were killed by Muslim extremists.

OK, it's not as if we haven't heard this rhetoric before, but when is enough enough? This isn't our brother that needs forgiveness seventy times seven times, but an evil declared enemy who is swearing to exterminate Christians.

It's obvious that their own religious or political leaders cannot control them and neither can our political leaders. When are people going to wake up to the fact that this IS a religious war that they started and it cannot be fought on political terms!

I find it both sad and intriguing that the evil in the world recognizes that Catholicism is the True Church as founded by Jesus Christ and the center of true Christian faith and therefore their enemy, but even Fundamentalists and Evangelical Christians don't! Kinda funny, kinda sad, kinda pathetic. Perhaps we should just send over all the Fundamentalists and Evangelicals to fight, since the enemy doesn't think of them as true Christians? Hmmm....

Even taking all the money out of the Middle East with alternative energy, it would take decades to deplete the accumulated oil wealth and even that won't change their sociopathic and egocentric spiritual beliefs. I'll call it as one of two outcomes: 1) Their own nuclear detonation with a nuclear response or 2) One Last, Final, and Most Holy Crusade. (If they think THIS is a Crusade, they don't have a clue as to what is coming.)

How long will these atrocities be allowed before the whole world opens it's eyes?

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