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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Live Action Films Stings Planned Parenthood Twice (so far!)

Well, our friend Lila Rose and Live Action Films has released their second undercover video once again exposing Indiana Planned Parenthood counselors that claim to know the law and continuing to send minors out of state to get non-consentual abortions!

A note of interest: both this and the first video were shot back in June 08. Who knows how many more of these undercover videos have yet to be revealed? I'll bet that not only are there many more, but it's a nationwide systemic problem.

Here's the second undercover video:

Folks, although Lila isn't really a minor and she wasn't really raped or pregnant, that is not the point. In the mind of the counselor she was and that is all that matters. If you broke into an empty bank vault and there was no money you've STILL COMMITTED A CRIME! These counselors are not only supporting IMMORAL behavior by allowing crimes such as rape and child sexual abuse to go unreported, they are ENCOURAGING AND ADVISING a minor to break the law!

When will this madness end? These people have got to be shut down and shut down immediately!

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