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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Freedom from Religious Persecution

A soul is worth far more than someone's "perceived" right to health care or their perceived "choice" of facility or provider and it would seem that the Bush Administration has acknowledged just that. Thursday, December 18th the Bush Administration signed Federal Rule 45 CFR Part 88 protecting doctors and health care workers that refuse to participate in abortions or other procedures for which they have moral or religious objections to.

HHS News Release Here
USCCB Press Release Here
National Catholic Register Article Here

I've been to enough doctors and hospitals in my life to know the difference between a worker that is just doing their job and making a paycheck, and one that believes in the sanctity of life and has dedicated themselves to helping others out of a true Love of life. The difference is astounding and this is a perfect and beautiful Christmas gift in the face of all the posturing of the incoming administration claiming they will make it illegal for any federally funded health care provider to refuse to participate for moral or religious reasons.

Let's think this through. Even if the incoming administration overturned it somehow and then made it illegal for any federally funded health care provider to refuse to provide those services for which they have strong moral or religious objections, what then? Fire every pro-life person? Fire every Catholic? Fired for refusing to perform an abortion or hand out birth control? Can you say religious persecution?

THIS is precisely what Jefferson's concept of separation of church and state is all about and designed to prevent; it most certainly has nothing to do with equal time posting ridiculously pathetic signs next to the nativity scene in the Capitol as discussed here in "Freedom From Athiests".

Part of being a Catholic means being against abortions and all forms of birth control. Non-negotiable, period, end of subject. You cannot be Catholic and be pro-choice and you cannot be forced to perform procedures that violate your faith and are an affront to God. Some fifteen years ago I told my daughters that the next civil was in America will be fought over abortion and I still stand by that prediction.

Me? I've said it before and I'll say it again; I'll follow the teachings of God, our Savior Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church over any law of man and that, my friends is also non-negotiable, period, end of subject.

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