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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hallelujah! He is Born!

Too all our family, friends and all who read this, Merry Christmas! Our Christmas season does not end today, it only BEGINS! From my family to you and yours, here's wishing you the most joyous Christmas season as we continue to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

May Jesus' humble birth remind us of own humanity and humility.
As the innkeeper, may you welcome Him into the simple manger of your heart every day.
As the angels, may you continue to announce His presence to all.
As the magi, may you never cease to seek Him.
As Joseph, may you Love and protect that which God has given.
As the Blessed Virgin, may you see the face of God in every child, especially the unborn.
As His people, May you graciously accept and use the gift He has given us;
His only begotten Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
Who lives and reigns with God the Father,
In the unity of the Holy Spirit,
Forever and ever. Amen.

2 comments: said...

I'd like to offer this story on my application that brings the prayer on iPhone.
I believe that prayer is Christian and Catholic from spreading. You wonder why you can publish the news and if you can spread it to your friends on the blog.


fr. Paolo Padrini

Vatican. iBreviary: Church pray with iPhone

Dear Sirs,
Editing and Friends of iBreviary,

iBreviary, as you know, it's a new application for iPhone,
available from immediately in Spanish, French, English, Latin and Italian.
iBreviary offers the possibility, in a simple way and in a perfect "Apple
style", to pray in mobility with the prayer of the Breviary.
It offers besides the readings of the Mass of the Day (Missal), as well as the
principal Catholic prayers.
The application, realized by me together with the technician and
developer Dimitri Giani, has got the applause and the encouragement
of the Vatican.

iBreviary has now reached its third updating.
This updating brings important changes:
- available application in version Italian and English
- available readings in English, French, Spanish, Latin and in Ambrosian Rite
- possibility to pray with the Compieta of the previous day
- new dress graphics
- possibility to increase the size of the characters
- possibility of use in formed "landscape" rotating the iPhone
- page of explanation about the use of the Breviary
- fix of some bugs

The application is available inside the app store to the price of
support for the developers of 0,79 cents (Euro).

Besides, also Facebook will have his "digital Breviary". Its name is
"Praybook" and it's an available application on the most important social
network of the world.
The application allows to pray on line with the same prayers of iBreviary.

Thanks for everything.

father Paolo Padrini

Bob Cavalcante Jr. said...

Fr, Padrini,

Yes, you may most certainly publish it on the iBreviary! I am humbled and honored that you wish to publish that simple prayer I wrote on Christmas Day. The prayer and words are not mine, but God's. I am just His simple instrument. May the peace and Love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with you.

May God Bless You Always,
Bob Cavalcante Jr.

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