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Sunday, December 21, 2008

All of the People Some of the Time...

Kenyan government imposes gag order on Obama family
From World Net Daily (

As I read this I could only ask myself one question - Why? I learned a long time ago that if you ask the question "Why?" just 5 times, you will inevitably find the answer.

If he was not born there, there is nothing to cover up and nothing to hide.

If he was born there they must cover up this, the greatest deception in American History!

The other option is that it is an intentional distraction to discredit others, but then again...why if there's nothing to hide? Why all the games and why aren't more people asking why? Why are so many Americans willing to take whatever scraps the government gives them?

I'll tell you what I believe it is. Fear. Fear is all about control and it's also the biggest money maker in the world. The fear mongers; liberal government, MSM, United Nations, financial banking institutions, even law enforcement agencies by design, all rely on your fear of something and want you to stay afraid so you'll come running to them for protection of one sort or another. THAT is where they make their money and THAT is the true control they desire over you.

Now I'll throw this thought in here. Believing in God and knowing that my kingdom is not of this earth, I fear nothing as should all true Christians. No threat or actual violence against me or even against my family will ever shake that from me. No matter how much suffering I or the would be forced to endure, it can never be greater that Jesus' suffering for us on the cross. My only failure would be to give in, thus denying Christ and His suffering.

Bot lo and behold we've become a secular nation that either doesn't believe in God or has twisted Christianity into something other that what Christ designed out of human selfishness and greed and how convenient is that for those corrupt earthly powers that would take advantage of you!

God and Jesus Christ have been replaced in America by liberal government and liberal religions - all seeking to control you through fear. And THAT, my friends is the greatest threat to American freedom liberty and individualism. Fear = dependency but Love = freedom.

It seems top me that slavery is most certainly alive and well in America today. Speaking of slavery and in light of the recent mess in Illinois, I'll leave you with this from a great Illinois leader:

"You can't fool all the people all the time."

We're watching.

And Waiting.

God Bless you all!

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