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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Connecticut Attacks Catholic Church

We all knew it was only a matter of time but here it is upon us. Fr. Z posted this article over on his blog "What Does The Prayer Really Say" where the state of Connecticut has flat out attacked the Roman Catholic Church by introducing legislation to incorporate the Roman Catholic Church in Connecticut. Bishops will no longer run the diocese but be spiritual advisors only, having no say in the administration or management of the Diocese leaving the rest to the state run puppet corporate board (aka government).

Dear Fr. Z,

The Lord’s peace. You are going to be one of the first to hear about this. Nothing like this in the history of the US has ever been proposed as far as I know.

Yesterday, Connecticut Judiciary Committee of the Connecticut State Legislature
introduced bill #1098/2009 that directly attacks the Roman Catholic Church (please see attached copy of it). Should it pass, the bishop and pastors will be deprived of any administrative, financial and legal power over their parishes.

The bishops of CT are trying to rally the troops this weekend. I think your readers, and Catholics all over the US should be concerned.

In Christ,

Fr. Greg J. Markey

Here's the legislation:

This sounds like a power play reply to the USCCB's threat to close down Catholic Hospitals rather than have their doctors forced to perform abortions if the HHS Conscience Protection Regulation is overturned or if the FOCA passes, both promises made by Comrade Chancellor Sotero.

His team has been hand picked and now this is open hostility is the first volley fired in what amounts to be war against the Catholic Church by this current administration. Well, we've been hand-picked by the Holy Spirit and we need to mobilize EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE to take action against this in every possible way. I don't want to hear anyone crying "I'm not a Catholic" or worse speaking against the church because it's only a matter of time until this affects every single church in America until every religion is nationalized. Click on the above picture.

Please pray for the Bishops and all the faithful in Connecticut.

May God grant us the strength and courage to face the enemy in the coming battle.

God Bless,


Catherine said...

I live in Connecticut, and this frightens and saddens me immensely, but I have to wonder how this legislation can possibly be constitutional. It's a flagrant violation of separation of church and state.

Bob Cavalcante Jr. said...

It isn't and they know it. I'll bet they're hoping to cause a schism in the church because there will likely be very liberal pro-choice Catholics that are not in communion with the Holy See that will think this is a great idea. It has potential to get ugly.

God Bless.

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