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Friday, March 27, 2009

Chris Matthew: Pro-Life Terrorists

A friend on Facebook sent me the following link to this Family Research Council article and video where MSNBC's Chris Matthews comments that pro-life activists are "terrorists" and "verbal terrorists". The video took place on March 3rd and this FRC article appeared on March 6th, but rather than just let it fade out, I sent my own e-mail response.

I encourage everyone to keep sending him letters so he knows we haven't forgotten about him or his opinions.

Here's my letter:
Dear Mr. Matthews,

Pro-life activists are not terrorists, verbal or otherwise. Please stop using catchy words that only instill fear and polarize the ignorant against the truth. That is unless you merely want a mindless following of fearful drones. Is that what you want to be known for?

Kathleen Sebelius has betrayed the teachings of the church and her faith in favor of her own political agenda. Is that the kind of person you want in any leadership position? I certainly don't and speaking against her nomination is my right as an American and my duty as a Catholic. If she'll turn against something supposedly as rock solid as her faith, you can be sure she'll turn against things much less important in her eyes. It's a litmus test of her character and her loyalty that she has most certainly failed.

All innocent life is sacred. Period. This is nothing new. As a Catholic that is in communion with the Catholic Church, I'd like to set the record straight. The teaching from the Catholic Church, from her Bishops and the Pope is absolutely clear - you CANNOT be a Catholic and pro-choice and it's not open for discussion. ALL Catholics who have disobeyed the teachings of the church are automatically excommunicated. Those who are public in their disobedience should be denied Holy Eucharist iaw Canon 915 and publicly excommunicated. In truth, the abortion issue has become quite the efficient tool for identifying and weeding out those false Catholics, separating the wheat from the weeds, as it were.

We in the pro-life community stand against the Sebelius nomination because she has shown herself to be radically opposed to any check on abortion. It is our right and our duty to speak out against this nomination and a vital part of my faith. Any attempts to stop us from the free practice of our faith is a clear violation of our First Amendment rights.

To equate individuals and groups who fight for the right to life of our most defenseless citizens with terrorists is regrettable. I hope you refrain from doing so in the future.

I look forward to the courtesy of your response.

Robert Cavalcante Jr.
Catholic Conservative American

Please continue to send him your comments and pray that his eyes and heart might be opened to the truth.

God's Blessings,

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