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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pastor Luke Robinson - Speech at March for Life 2009

I wanted to share this powerful speech by Pastor Luke Robinson from the Quinn Chapel AME Church in Fredrick, MD from at the 2009 March for Live in Washington, D.C..

Keep in mind that the government funds $330M per year of your hard earned tax dollars to Planned Parnethood to fund abortions; that PP founder Margaret Sanger was a known racist that implemented PP as a means to control the Black American population; consider that the current President BO and his cronies such as Biden and Pelosi are vehemently pro-infanticide, consider that the President is alleged to have told His Holiness Pope benedict that on the issue of abortion they will have to "agree to disagree", consider that 34% of the 4000 abortions daily in the US are of Black American babies (1360).

May God Have Mercy on America.

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