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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Catholic" Vice President? What an Embarassment

Well, it's already begun. Even Catholic news agencies are heralding the arrival of the nation's first "Catholic" VP. Well, almost. Almost Catholic, that is.

You see there's one problem here. There's more to being a Catholic or a Christian than just calling yourself one or declaring that "I believe...". It's how you live your life each and every day; how you treat the least of your brethren, following the Sacred Traditions and Magisterium, how you respect life and most especially protect innocent life, among other things. Without respecting the teaching authority of the Church (the Magisterium) or respecting Sacred Tradition, Joe Biden would then be, well...a Protestant!

In his failing to protect innocent life and actually supporting abortion, contraception and embryonic stem cell research, his blatant disrespect and disregard for the teachings of the Catholic Church and her Catechism, and through his support and endorsement of infanticide and abortion, Joe Biden has excommunicated himself and cannot in good conscience receive Holy Communion.

Confession wouldn't even help because a "good confession" means being sorry for having offended God with a contrite and humble heart, undoing the wrongs you may have committed as a result of that sin and changing yourself to refrain from committing those sins again. Without a sincere intention to completely change his public position on abortion, undo the wrongs he has committed against life while in public office, and with intent to commit the same sin again, even his confession will not be valid and he will have sinned again in receiving the Holy Eucharist.

Had his position been known only unto him and God, the sin and his subsequent and automatic excommunication would be private. But as a senior public official his position and opinion and declared pro-abortion actions are most certainly public and contrary to the teachings of the Church, his excommunication should be made equally public and formal.

He is an embarrassment to me and to the Catholic faithful and continuing to label him as a "Catholic" only validates other "Catholics In Name Only" (CINO's) in their disobedience and a scandalous disregard for the Church's teachings. He should be formally denied communion in accordance with Canon 915 and given one chance to publicly change his position. Failing that I call for his full public excommunication.

In fact, Joe even said "the next Republican that tells me I'm not religious I'm going to shove my rosary beads down their throat." What a horrible and disgusting display of public sacrilege against our most Holy Rosary. Does his disrespect for the Catholic faith know no bounds?

What he doesn't realize is that just going to church doesn't make you a Catholic any more than standing in a chicken coop makes you a chicken and I'll say it; since he rejects the Magisterium and the authority of the church as a Catholic, Joe Biden is NOT RELIGIOUS. I'll be waiting for him to come and carry out your threat of sacrilege and physical violence against me.

I'll be writing a letter to both him and to Archbishop Wuerl to express my concerns and I encourage all the faithful Catholics to do the same. Please feel free to post your replies in this thread!

Most Reverend Donald W. Wuerl, S.T.D.
Archbishop of Washington
P.O. Box 29260
Washington, DC 20017-0260

Vice President Joe Biden
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500

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