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Friday, October 16, 2009

Kenny Johnson

William Kenneth "Kenny" Johnson
Son - Brother - Husband - Father - Uncle - Friend
1981 - 2009

This is sad news. My 28 year old son-in-law Kenny Johnson tragically passed away on October 13, 2009 at his home in Waldorf, Maryland. I wanted to share this with all of you to ask for your prayers for his soul and for his family and all those who love him, especially my daughter and young granddaughters. I wanted to create this page as a place where family and friends and all those who love Kenny can leave their thoughts, prayers and memories of him.

Kenny was born May 30, 1981 in Clinton, MD, the son of William F. Johnson, Jr. and Rhonda Marie Simard. He loved everything about cars and racing and was always working on one thing or another. He was an auto mechanic his whole life, working many years at Sears Automotive and he loved racing at Maryland International Raceway (MIR), Budd’s Creek, MD where he won a class trophy.

He loved his two baby girls so very much and they love their daddy still. I remember telling him when Kaylie was born that his whole world was about to change and that he would understand what that meant the moment he looked into those those big beautiful blue eyes under that mop of red hair. And that he did.

I'm old fashioned and was raised that it's disrespectful to wear a hat in someone's house. I remember when Kenny began dating Jean he would always walk in the house wearing his hat and I'd remind him and he would always take it off with a "oops" sort of grin. He meant no disrespect, he just always wore hats everywhere, even inside and it got to be a running joke with him. I would always remind him and once or twice even removing it from his head

Then there was the time he was at the house for dinner. Jean got up from the table and was getting a drink from the fridge and I asked her to grab me a beer. Kenny jokingly said "Get me one too" in a "get me my beer, woman" kind of tone and no sooner than he said that than the chair he was sitting in gave out. Sitting directly across from him, I'll never forget the look on his face for that fraction of a second before it sunk below the level of the table and all we saw was chair parts flying and arms and legs flailing. We laughed so hard we had tears in our eyes and we were just joking about it the last time I saw him for my birthday in August.

Another fond memory is from Christmas day 2001 when Kenny had planned on asking Jean to marry him. We all pretty much knew they were going to be engaged and were sitting in the living room and he was getting ready to ask when Stephanie jumped up and shouted, oh no you don't! She grabbed him, pulled him aside and told him that he better ask me for my permission and blessing FIRST! Kenny asked me if he could talk to me in the kitchen so in we went and he asked me for Jean's hand. I told him that as long as he loves her and promises to take care of her, he of course, would have my blessing.

Kenny is survived by his parents William F. Johnson, Jr. and Rhonda Marie Simard; his wife, Jean A. Johnson; daughters, Kaylie Grace and Jaydin Elyane Johnson; maternal grandmother, Geneva Jaeger; brother, Robert J. Simard, II of Waldorf, MD; sisters, Millisa Ann Blake of Nanjemoy, MD; Crystal M. and her husband Brian Hektoen of Mechanicsville, MD; step-mother, Cecelia Ann Johnson; Godchildren, Joseph and Olivia Scheungrab; nieces, Breanna Blake and Jenna Hektoen; nephews, Frankie and Devin Hardesty and James Doering and his best friends who were more like brothers, John and his wife Stephanie Scheungrab of Waldorf, MD and Michael Hamilton of FL.

Visitation will be Sunday, October 18, 2009, 2-4 and 6-8PM at Raymond Funeral Chapel, 5635 Washington Avenue, La Plata, MD.

The funeral Service will be Monday, October 19, 2009, 11AM at Raymond Funeral Chapel and he will be laid to rest on Monday, October 19, 2009 in the Trinity Memorial Gardens, Waldorf, Maryland.

Kenny was a good man, a good father and a good friend. He will be missed as a part of our family and will always remain in our hearts. May eternal light shine upon him and may he rest in peace.

Memorial contributions may be made to the Kaylie and Jaydin Johnson Education Fund via PayPal at or by clicking the button below.

William Kenneth "Kenny" Johnson
Son - Brother - Husband - Father - Uncle - Friend
1981 - 2009


Stephanie Cavalcante Scheungrab said...

Kenny was mine and John's best friend for a very long time and my life is different because I knew him.
I remember the very first time I met was the night before spirit day in school and I came flying down the stairs wearing the most ridiculous outfit ever and there he was..standing on the landing and just cracked up. I must have spent 20 minutes trying to explain I didn't normally dress like that and he didn't seem to believe me...he just thought it was hilarious. Then I ragged on him and his combination of sweater vest, denim shorts and timberland boots and I knew at that moment that he and I were going to be great friends.
The endless nights in the garage talking about life and what he wanted for himself and his family, the advice he would give me...Kenny was my brother in every sense of the word. I loved him and will miss him more than words can ever say.
My son idolized him, and still does. That's him in the tigger costume. We often joked he loved his Uncle Kenny more that his own Daddy, lol. Everyday he wanted to talk to him and be around him and do things with him. My son will grow up to be a better man b/c of Kenny.
I am so incredibly blessed to have been able to be a part of his short life and know that he is smiling down upon us this very moment.
We love you Kenny, we miss you, and Joey hopes your taking care of Flippy for him. ;)

bilbannon said...

Prayers from here.

Adrian said...

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Bob West said...

God rest Kenny's soul

God Bless;

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