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Monday, April 20, 2009

Planned Parenthood of Tennessee Encourages 14 Year Old to Lie

Well Planned Parenthood is nothing if not consistent. Lila Rose, abortion activist and President of Live Action Films has released yet another undercover video of a Tennessee Planned Parenthood employee encouraging a thought to be 14 year old to lie about the age of her alleged boyfriend, this time 31 AND agreeing to not do what is required under the law.

This is CRIMINAL INTENT, pure and simple. The fact that she wasn't 14 or that there was no boyfriend is irrelevant. The police use those same tactics to entrap child sexual predators and to bust "johns" in prostitution scams all the time. When will Law Enforcement wake up and start making arrests? When will counties, states and the nation DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD!

Am I the only one noticing a pattern here? If it's not a written or even an unwritten corporate policy, then it most certainly speaks to the type and quality of people they hire and the type of person that is employed there.

Liars, deceivers, conspirators, racists, eugenecists, murderers...

Abortion does not free anyone from anything. It is enslavement of the worst kind. Enslavement of the soul.

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